Our Meetings in Johannesburg, South Africa

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City of JOHANNESBURG: Vibrant and reminiscent of New York City, Johannesburg is a very beautiful place that is both inviting and full of activity.

Pastor Carl Hendricks of Crystal Ministries

Pastor Carl Hendricks, founder of Crystal Ministries International warmly welcomed Olu and Kay to Johannesburg. He went out of his way to make them feel welcome and comfortable on their first trip to South Africa. Olu and Kay felt a kindred spirit with Pastor Carl, as it was very evident to them that Pastor Carl is a man of clear vision.

At the conference, “Under African Skies” Olu and Kay Taiwo spoke a total of five times. Most of their sessions were packed.

And the feedback was instant, as it was evident that people were abundantly blessed.

On one of the afternoons, Kay and Olu Taiwo were invited by Pastor Carl Hendricks to join him on Radio 90.7 FM for a live program that involved listeners calling in. One of such callers attended the conference and commented on the radio program that Olu and Kay flowed together very well while ministering and he made a particular emphasis about the fact that they had a “good grasp of the word of God.” Kay and Olu later met the man who called in the following day. One attendee wrote to the Taiwos,I really enjoyed your presentations and gained much knowledge, thank you and may God richly bless both of you and your family. Trust that we will see you again next year this time.”

On the second day of the workshop at Under African Skies Conference, Kay Taiwo spoke on the subject of ‘vision’ to a very captive audience. Dr. Elijah Mahlangu, one of the guest speakers said concerning the message on vision, “Nicely packaged. What was shared needs to be heard by those in government.”

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